30th September 2016
Website migration update

website incorporation

As part of the incorporation process, a cross-institutional Web Group was established to manage the transition from four individual and separate institutional websites, to a single DCU website, in order to fully and appropriately represent the newly expanded post-incorporation university and all its constituent academic and support units. Over the past few months, all relevant content from each of the individual sites has been transferred to the DCU website by the content owners with support from the DCU Communications & Marketing department and the DCU Incorporation Programme Office.

This process is now complete and from Monday 19th September the former websites of St Patrick's College and MDI have been automatically redirecting to the DCU website. The CICE website will also redirect to the DCU website in due course.  As part of the same project, DCU now has a single, incorporated presence across the various social media channels where it has a presence.

The timing of this process (i.e. going live on September 19th) was designed to coincide with the return of students for the new semester and to ensure a single source of all relevant DCU information was available for them. 

30th September 2016