30th September 2016
Change Management update

staff engagement

Since January 2015 the CM&C Workstream have offered a broad range of information sessions and a number of initiatives shared with the People & Organisation Workstream in preparation for Incorporation. In total 1,842 participants attended Incorporation related events from January 2015 to date. These activities include staff engagement focus groups, information sessions, campus tours, one-to-one meetings and much more.

The sessions, in addition to providing information to those most impacted by Incorporation also provide an opportunity for colleagues from all institutions to voice ideas, concerns and requests for information which continues to help shape the schedule of change management interventions and training supports.

The following event is planned in October:

  • Autumn school planned for administration staff in the enhanced Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences.

Learning and Development will continue to identify initiatives that will support those who have moved to new roles and/or campuses and allow all staff to become familiar with the benefits of a multi-campus environment.  To keep up to date with Learning & Development opportunities visit:

30th September 2016