Church of Ireland College of Education

In August 2015, a major milestone of the Incorporation Programme was reached, when all first year undergraduates and postgraduates from DCU, SPD and MDI, registered as DCU students for the first time.

To mark this transition, the NEW DCU campaign was launched across all three campuses, using the simple core message of “We are the New DCU”. Messaging appeared in Irish and English, on signage & flags, posters, window graphics, button
badges and coffee cup holders, reaching staff and both new and continuing students. This message also appears on the cover of the 2016 DCU prospectus, currently being distributed to 2016 prospective students.

While the full DCU Incorporation Programme is not expected to reach completion in 2016, the New DCU campaign marks the process of Incorporation becoming a reality for many people,
with the registration of new first year students as DCU students and the roll out of services and supports to enable these students to have a full university experience on any campus.

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