DCU Institute of Education

On its establishment in 2016, the DCU Institute of Education will hold the greatest concentration of expertise in the field of education at third level in Ireland. This represents a major development of national and international significance which will considerably enhance DCU’s capacity to transform lives and societies through education, research and innovation.

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Our Vision

By 2020, the DCU Institute of Education will be recognised internationally as a leading provider in teacher education and as a centre of excellence in educational research. It will be centrally engaged in transforming the Irish education system and will be a significant contributor to knowledge creation and policy development in the field of education, nationally and internationally. Building on the complementary strengths of the four institutions, it will offer a high-quality portfolio of programmes in education and training in an innovative, research-led and pluralist environment.

Our Mission

  • To provide programmes across the full range of educational provision that are characterised by academic excellence, intellectual challenge, innovation and creativity, and that facilitate holistic, student-centred learning experiences.
  • To develop educators and leaders with the key skills and attributes outlined in the DCU initiative, Generation 21, and with the capacity to develop these competencies in their own students.
  • To promote excellence in teaching and learning and deep engagement with teaching as a field of research and  practice.
  • To build a research community that is recognised nationally and internationally for the quality of its research which will demonstrate leadership in key areas and develop and maintain strong global networks and collaborations with centres of research across the globe.
  • To maintain strong reciprocal relationships with schools, workplaces and communities and to work collaboratively with key stakeholders in education and training.
  • To promote the Irish language and culture, as areas of national priority in education, in the context of an increasingly diverse society where culture is seen as dynamic, open and subject to change.

Our Values

  • We recognise education as a public good and quality education as a human right of individuals and communities.
  • We view education as a transformative process with a responsibility to promote social justice, democratic education and critical global citizenship.
  • We are committed to recognising and valuing diversity and to enabling and promoting participation and inclusive practice in education and training at all levels across all communities.
  • We are committed to building respectful and ethical relationships, which prioritise care and wellbeing in education for all members of the learning community.