What is the DCU Incorporation Project?

The DCU Incorporation Programme is the incorporation of St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, Mater Dei Institute of Education and Church of Ireland College of Education into Dublin City University. The vision of the DCU Incorporation Programme includes the establishment of a new Institute of Education and an enhancement to the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences incorporating the combined strengths of the four institutions.

What will Incorporation mean for the University?

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Will the logo and mission statement be changed to reflect Incorporation?

DCU's mission is to "transform lives and societies through education, research and innovation". This is consistent with, and, will be greatly enhanced by the traditions of the incorporating institutions. The mission is however subject to review as part of the ongoing university strategic planning process.  There are no plans to change the logo.

What will happen to SPD, MDI and CICE websites?

From September 2016, DCU will have a single, integrated website (  As part of the Incorporation programme, a project is underway to integrate the websites of each of the incorporating Institutions with the DCU website. This project will be completed in September 2016. For further information please click here.

What happened to 3U?

3U is continuing to operate in line with its original remit.  It is managed by the programme director, Dr Ruth Davis. For more information please visit the 3U website


What is the new DCU Institute of Education?


The DCU Institute of Education is the new fifth faculty of DCU and the first University-based Faculty of Education on the island of Ireland.

Information about Staff, Programmes and Research of the Institute of Education can be found here.

These web pages will be updated over the coming months to provide new information about the Institute as it become available, so visitors should check in regularly. 

What programmes are offered by the new DCU Institute of Education?


The new Institute offers programmes in education across all sectors from early childhood, to primary and post-primary and further education and training. As well as providing a range of undergraduate programmes in education, the Institute offers a rich menu of taught and research-based post-graduate programmes, at doctoral, masters, diploma and certificate levels. Full details are available through the following links:

Undergraduate programmes:

Postgraduate programmes:


Will DCU continue to be a secular university?

DCU is, and will continue to be (in accordance with the Univeristy's act), a non denominational, secular university with a strong commitment to pluralism, social inclusion and diversity at its core.

Will there be a common approach to interdisciplinary issues?

Fostering of interdisciplinarity will continue to be a value of the university.

How will the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences be enhanced?

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has been enhanced and has grown from five to seven Schools as a result of Incorporation. 

Information about the Schools, Staff, Programmes and Research of the enhanced Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences can be found on the faculty website:

These web pages will be updated over the coming months to provide new information about the Faculty as it becomes available, so visitors should check in regularly.  

How will the heritage of each of the incorporating institutions be protected?

A cross-institutional Heritage Working Group has been established to understand, appreciate and capture the distinct and special heritage of each of the four participating institutions.  A call for proposals was issued  for possible projects to recognise and safeguard the heritage of the incorporating institutions.  Submitted proposals are currently under evaluation and announcements of those projects that were selected for implementation will be made in due course. 

How will impacted staff and students travel between campuses?

Walking, cycling, bus and car routes are available on the following link DCU continues to work with Dublin Bus and the National Transport Authority to improve the travel options to and between all DCU campuses. Leap cards are available from the Students Union. A weekly free bicycle service clinic is available (during term time) in the Hub on the Glasnevin Campus between 11:00 and 15:00 for students and staff. The Incorporation transport strategy continues to evolve and updates will be announced as new services come on stream.

How can I book a room on any campus?

To book a room on the Glasnevin Campus, the request can be sent by email to or by telephone to 7005564/7005783

To book a room on the St Patrick's Campus please visit the following link or email to 

What will happen with the Library in Mater Dei?

The core Library collection is being incorporated into DCU. The MDI Library building will revert to the Diocese.

Will all staff have DCU Identity cards and will all staff have access to buildings on all campuses?

It is planned that by September 2016, staff from each of the incorporating institutions will have DCU Staff Identity cards and will have appropriate access to all buildings on all campuses.

How will parking be allocated on each of the campuses?

Parking is limited on all campuses.  Parking will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  Please see question 'how will staff travel between campuses' for further details on all travel options.

Can I use the facilities on all campuses?

Yes, all facilities are available to all staff.

How is Incorporation being managed and implemented?

Incorporation is being managed through a formal programme management structure. There is a Programme Management office and nine work streams each with a senior sponsor and senior project manager. Further details are available at

Where can I get information on milestones and progress?

Information on programme milestones and progress is available at If you have specific questions that are not answered on the website please email the programme office at

Who are the 'go-to' people if I have a query in relation to any aspect of Incorporation?

Any queries should be raised with your line manager, in the first instance. They will either provide the answer or direct you to the most appropriate source for the information required. Alternatively you can email

If I am in one of the Incorporating institutions, when will I become a staff member of DCU?

All going according to plan, all staff will be staff members of DCU on a selected date in September 2016.

Why were students integrated before staff?

Student integration for 1st year students commenced in September 2015 for practical phasing reasons and on the basis that the optimum timing for student integration is at the start of the academic year. Continuing students will be integrated in September 2016. 

How will staff in the Incorporating colleges be supported to develop their research activities?

Research Support Officers have been recruited to provide research support to staff across all institutions. Training & Development will continue to provide formal training programmes in this regard. A research fund has been granted to support the integration of differing research cultures.

Do I need to re-train if I have to move to another campus/new role?

Staff members will be provided with whatever formal or on the job training that is required to ensure they have the skills and capabilities to perform their new role, where the need arises.

If I have a question that is not answered here where do I go?

Please consult with your line manager in the first instance or contact